Why?? Because these are the comments I have heard over the last 29 years!

" I know I can trust you."

" I know you aren't going to sell me something I don't need."

"Everyone says you will take good care of me!"

"If you don't know the answer, you will find out!"

"You are the first person to really care about how well I hear."

I have heard these comments repeatedly. Whether I was employed by The Speech and Hearing Center, other audiologists, physicians and even once with a big name national hearing aid company, I have always chosen to serve the patient with honesty and integrity. Because of this I have developed a large caseload of wonderful patients simply from referrals from current patients, their families, friends and physicians who have been thrilled with the care they received. 

Now that I have Lancaster Hearing Center, I can provide the quality, honest service that I am known for without going against the wishes of an employer.

It's that simple.  The products I fit are quality products.  The prices I have are the most fair. My knowledge in evaluation, counseling and treating is current.  But the best reason to choose to work with Lancaster Hearing Center is trust.  You know you can trust me to help you make the best decisions for yourself and your hearing.

Ask around! If you find any of my previous patients that are not happy with the service I have provided them, please let me know. Although there have been patients I was unable to help hear better at the time or hear as well as they would like, I know of none who weren't pleased with the honesty and integrity with which they were treated.

And THAT is something I am proud of!

Connie S. Matthews, Au.D

Doctor of Audiology

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